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Roman Viazovskiy

Dear colleagues and guitar friends!

From the first steps on their instrument up to a concert career, the search for an optimal playing position is an essential part of the life of every instrumentalist. Especially we guitarists know that our traditional playing position using a footrest may not only prevent us from developing an ergonomic and effective playing technique, it may even cause severe health problems.

It is not a new idea to tackle this problem with a guitar support or raiser. During my personal search for a solution, I experienced that no existing product matched my demands completely. Sometimes only details seemed to disrupt on first sight. But in daily work these details proved so irritating that I finally started to develop my own solution. During my experiments, it became clear step-by-step what I was looking for:

  • Absolute stability and a secure hold for all guitar sizes and shapes combined with easy mounting.
  • The same feeling and the same freedom of movement for me and my instrument as I am used to from playing with my old footrest.
  • A solution fitting all player's sizes and affordable for professionals as well as for students and pupils.
  • Elegant and high-quality design combined with perfect workmanship, preferably „Made in Germany".

This is how the RVraiser guitar support or guitar rest developed in close collaboration with the specialists from my German production partner.

So finally, my personal search for a perfect guitar support has been completed successfully and I am glad, that it proved the same for many friends, colleagues, students and pupils. Of course I am perfectly aware, that everybody has to find the individually perfect solution. But I am also sure, that the RVraiser guitar support or guitar rest offers more than just one interesting new option for that. I will be proud and happy, if it helped ending your search, too.

Yours sincerely,
Roman Viazovskiy